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John & Tara Adams
Cara Abele
Jeffery Ahrnes
Lisa Ailes
Larry and Ann Allen
Alvetro Orthodontics
Lisa Alvetro Tom Rossman
John and Kathy Amos
Bob and Linda Anderson
William & Donna Ankney
Area Energy and Electric
Dennis and Janet Aselage
Merrill and Ann Asher
Kay Baker
Steve and Dottie Baker
Mike and Jenny Barhorst
Dale and Carol Barr
Eric and Sarah Barr
Scott and Holly Barr
Michael and Connie Behr
Thomas and Laura Behr
Jack Beigel
John and Lisa Beigel
Karen Benanzer
Walt and Carol Bennett
Dan and Lori Bensman
Evelyn Bensman
Nick and Mary Bensman
Shaun and Christy Bensman
Brad and Kris Berlekamp
Greg and Judy Beuhler
John and Cheryl Biggs
Dawn Billing
Matthew and Marie Bixler
Sarah Bixler
Lew and Judy Blackford
Steve and Susan Blatchly
Phyllis Blust
John & Eileen Boeckman
Bonnie Goffena
Hugh and Kay Bonnoront
Doug and Beth Borchers
Ed and Merilyn Borchers
Ted and Kay Borchers
Paul and Bonnie Borders
Jodi Borges
Kelly Bornhorst
Tony and Joyce Bornhorst
Ken and Jeanie Bosslet
Bruce and Judi Boyd
Steve and Sandy Brabbin
Frank and Lisa Brady
Sue Britton
Jim and Nancy Brown
Bruce Helman
Greg and Judy Buehler
Del and Darla Cabe
Kimberly Campbell
Carolyn VanMatre Carolyn
Steve and Kathy Cartwright
Catherine Holthaus
Molly Charles
Charles and Cheryl Christman
Joe and Erica Coffey
John Coffield
Teresa Teresa
John Schlater
Brad and Connie Comer
Marian Spicer
Kent and Darlene Craver
Mary Beth Monnier
Sean Rank
Dave and Linda Develvis
Dave Ross
Norris and Nancy Davidson
Darin and Renee Davis
Jim and Nancy Deam
Bruce and April DeBolt
Julie Deel
John Bertsch
Peter and Diane Dexter
Gerald and Brenda Doerger
Ronald and Marilyn Dorsten
Mark and Lynne Dunham
Sondra Dunham
John and Nettie Dunlap
Tom and Marjorie Dunnavant
Tom Frantz
Tom Echemann
Bob and Shirley Eck
Ed and Kay Miller
Mike and Cathy Egan
Dewane and Sarah Eichenauer
John & Sharon Eikenberry
Murray and Jan Elsass
Nila Elsass
Jack and Anne Elson
Kimberly Elson
Tom Sheehan
Harry and Bonnie Faulkner
Richard and Barbra Faulkner
Mick Given
Jennifer Ferguson
Eileen Ferree
Thomas and Elizabeth Ferry
Linda and Burkhard, Jimmy Fifer
Amy Rodgers
Tom Sekas
Joanie Fischbach
Evelyn Flock
Lois Fogt
Shelley Fogt
Jim and Karen Fortman
Dorothy Foster
Kimberly Foster
Annette Francis
Daniel and Jill Francis
Ronald and Patricia Francis
Sandra Francis
John and Julia Frantz
Julia Frazier
John and Teresa Freisthler

Dan and Jean Freytag
William and Jeanne Fuller
Mark and Renae Gaerke
Paul and Wilma Gahagan
Duane and Tawnya Gaier
Duane and Tawnya Gaier
James and Carol Gaier
Mark and Margaret Gaier
Kristen Garrett
Gary and Bev Mintchell
Gary and Sharon Henschen
Dave and Arlene Gates
Mindy Geuy
Mindy Geuy
Frank and Julie Gilardi
Wally and Becky Gillman
Mick and Vickie Given
Tom and Mivi Given
Donald and Beverly Goettemoeller
Kyle and Emily Goubeaux
Lucas and Carly Greve
Richard and Marcia Grigg
Amy Grillot
Roger and Rosanna Grinstead
David and Jean Gross
Jessica Guillozet
Helen Gusching
April Hall
Cam and Teresa Haller
Fred and Lisa Haussman
Craig and Ann Heeley
Jon and Ellen Heffner
William and Sherri Heidemann
Jeff and Cindy Helman
Rosie Henderson
John Henke
Jessica Hilbun
Neal and Mary Hinker
Randy and Sandy Hoehne
Larry and Frilling, Erin Holloway
Rick and Mary Holly
Steve and Lori Holt
Bobbie Trittschuh
Jessica Hoskins
Jessica Hoskins
Tina Hottle
Jannell Houck
Wilber and Betty Hughes
Andy and Mary Dunham
Patricia Jackson
Dave Jamieson
Michael Jannides
Kimberly Jenkins
Dave and Carolyn Jensvold
Jim and Teresa Hemmelgarn
Tabitha Jones
Ralph and Clara Keister
Rudy and Rhonda Keister
Donald and Jane Kemp
Patricia Kerg
Glenn and Deb Kerns
Barbara Kerr
Larry and Sarah Kleinhans
Dan and Barbara Knasel
Steve and Rosemary Knouff
Ray Koenig
Ashley Krueger
Bob and Mary Beth Labbett
Jamie Ellis
Sara Lawson
Roger and Suzanne Lentz
Tina Lewis
Margaret Liesner
Mike and Annette Lochard
Donald and Yvonne Lochard
James Lockwood
Gerald and Betty Long
Nikki Loudenback
Tiffany Lucas
Larry and Gwen Ludlow
Barbara Mac Taggert
Elissa Martin
Richard and Suzie Martin
Tom and Angie Martin
Mike and Jennifer Martz
Virginia Matz
Bill and Janice Maxson
Melissa McClain
Jessica McClenen
Dale Schwieterman
Dr. Robert and Katherine McDevitt
Chris McDonagh
Kathy McGreevy
Jennifer McKibben
William and Jenn McKinney
Eric and Lisa Meiners
Christopher and Chrisine Meyer
Richard and Christine Meyer
Charles Edelen
David and Connie Mielke
David & Amanda Mihalich
Rick and Diane Milanese
Kirsten Miller
Doug Millhoff
Carol Milligan
Tom and Mardie Milligan
Rhonda Keister
Larry and Julia Moeller
Lisa and Bob Moeller
Amy Moloney
Judith Moloney
Monarch Legacy Fund
Dave and Ann Monnier
Ken and Mary Beth Monnier
Ross and Aunalee Moore
Ross and Lori Moore
Don and Michele Mumford
Amy Murray
Phil and Eileen Myers
David Wills
Jodi New
Northern Ohio Cut Stone
Karen Olding
David O'Leary
Elizabeth O'Neill
John O'Neill
Lori Opperman
The Troy Foundation Bus
Sandy Well
Damen and Priti Patel
Terry and Sandy Pellman
Doug Stewart
John Popp
Dale and Jane Peterson
Glenn and Vanis Phillips
Joel Phillips
Scott and Suzy Phillips
Larry and Renate Pickering
Brad Van Tilburgh
Tammie Pitts
Joyce Platfoot
Barb Pleiman
Jeff and Heather Pollard
Karen Potts
Daniel and Gretchen Raschke
Holly Reed
David and Kelly Rees
Roger and JoAnn Reineke
Rick and Sarah Steenrod
Larry and Nancy Roettger
Marcella Roll
Jake and Julie Romaker
Juanita McCrum
Amy Rose
Randy and Jackie Rose
Kimberly Rosengarten
Bill Ross
Patti Ross
Dennis and DonnaJean Ruble
Don Tangeman
Jeff and Nancy Sargeant
John and Cindy Scheu

Jeff and Terri Schlater
Ken and Brenda Schlater
Louis and Kathleen Schmidt II
John and Colleen Schmitt
Amy Schultz
Eric and Michelle Schultze
Jerry and Tammy Schutte
Lesley Schwitzer
Richard and Linda Scott
Sean and Tiffany Rank
Jennifer Seebach
Susan Anderson
Jennifer Sherman
Misty Shields
Mark and Sandi Shipman
Thomas and Sandy Shoemaker
Gary and Dee Shuchat
Steve Baker
Dawn Eilert
Slagel Mechanical
Paul and Martha Slagel
Eric and Gay Smith
Heather Smith
Kent Smith
Norm and Jean Smith
Paul and Cheryl Soliday
Jeramie Sollmann
Dennis and Rita Sollmann
Edward and Janice Sparks
Joe and Lisa Spaugy
Katie Speaks
Gary and Marian Spicer
Scott and Cheryl Spinner
John and Beth Spoltman
Mark and Tanya Starrett
Doug Stewart
Vance Stewart
John Streb
Jennifer Thieman
Christi Thomas
Alan Siegel
Michael and Terri Thompson
Thomas Thorton
Michael and Teresa Trygstad
Frank and Bonnie Turner
Richard and Karen Turner
Gerry and Jane Ulrich
Andy Counts
Phillip and Susie Valentine
Jeffery and Libby Van Treese
Alvin and Judy VanWie
Myron and Darcia Verdier
William Huskey
Tom and Lisa Vondnhuevel
John and Karen Vornholt
Brooks and Judy Ware
Nancy Watercutter
Nick and Melinda Wattercutter
Thomas and Polly Watkins
Julie Webb Michael Taitel
Jason and Gwen Weigandt
Curt Wells
Mark Wells
Randall and Roxanne Welsh
Lori Werling
Tom and Judy Westerheide
Mike Dodd
Jean Wildermuth
John and Susan Wilding
Greg & Priscilla Wilt
Brittany Windham
Cynthia Withey
John and Deborah Wolfinger
Harvey and Jean Woodell
Paul and Janice Workman
Robert and Francis Zielsdorf
Bill and Tricia Zimmerman
Fletcher Zimpfer

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