Built in 1921 for full stage performances and silent films, the Historic Sidney Theatre has been a fixture for the arts in Shelby County for decades. CB DeWeese opened the doors to the then Majestic on September 9th, 1921 with a touring producation of Robin Hood. Little is know on what inspired DeWeese to build the theatre however records indicate he was influenced by the Victoria Theatre in Dayton, Ohio where he visited often around the time of construction. Many area residents recall performances from the 1940's-60's to include the Vienna Boys Choir, New York City Opera and Norman Vicent Peale just to name a few.

In the mid-70's through 2004 the theatre was transformed into a movie tri-plex and operated by Chakeres Theatre Company - it was hard to resist a box of warm buttery popcorn before settling in to watch a new Hollywood blockbuster.

In 2009, Raise the Roof for the Arts, the non- profit organization that now owns and operates the Historic Sidney Theatre embarked on a journey to bring the facility back to its original roots as a performing arts venue.

Thoughtful considerations was given to all aspects of the restoration process. In planning the comprehensive restoration of the Historic Sidney Theatre the Board of Directors set a goal of $3.5 million dollars to bring the theatre back to its former glory. We have raise $2,978,000 towards the $3.5 million dollar goal.

Behind The Curtain

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